Home work Policy


Homework is an essential part of school life given to

Extend and reinforce the work done in class.

Finish off work started in class in case of projects.

Practice new skills and ideas.

Testing understanding

Assimilating and usage of facts.

Reinforcing observations.

Carrying out research to complement class work.

At Greenwood House School, homework is an effective learning tool.  Therefore the home and the school need to support one another mutually to keep communication open and regular. Children will be given homework by the class teacher/subject teacher in the different areas of the curriculum.



What should be done at home?

We do request that parents support us in our effort.  When your child has homework the following guidelines may be useful:-

Encourage independence.

Give them a quiet place to work without distractions.

Supply missing links for instance suggest where they might look for help. (Dictionary, Thesaurus, Text Books and Encarta Kids).

You may use a workable timetable to ensure good study habits.

Supply reference books and a computer to encourage research, but please monitor them while using the internet.

Sign homework because you have seen and approved of the standard of work done.

You may communicate with the class teacher if there are major problems with completing an assignment.



The school is staffed with qualified teachers and there are two qualified teachers in each class. English is the medium of instruction. The curriculum includes:-

Mathematics, English – comprising creative writing, comprehension, Grammar and Letterland, Music, Science, Social Studies(History and Geography), Art and crafts, Reading/Library Periods, French, Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning,  Computer Studies and Physical Education.

Our broad curriculum covers courses to cover the Nigerian Syllabus and the British Common Entrance Examination.