Message from the Principal

A hearty welcome to Greenwood House School

Welcome to the school ‘…that’s the best of the best…’ as our school song says. With 28 years of educational history behind the name, Greenwood House School definitely can stand as a giant in the Nigerian education sector.

To all the Parents and Guardians of Greenwood House, thank you for the faith you have placed in us to educate your wards to achieve the successes you expect.

As the Principal of the school, I try to instil cooperation, harmony and enthusiasm in the school.  It is a huge honour for me to be part of this organization and hope that you will also be happy with your choice.

We consider ourselves a family and we see each of the children as an extension of our own personal families. The teaching, admin and support staff will not allow any child to feel as if they are not part of the family.

My mantra is to have an ‘open door’ policy, allowing all access. I am aware that no institution can ever say they are perfect and I would like to think that together we can minimalize any negative aspect, ultimately changing it to a positive!

We are profoundly Academic. We excel in Sport, we have pride in our Cultural activities, and

From the minute you enter the gates of Greenwood House, you will experience a sense of belonging. You will feel the educational ‘vibe’ echoing throughout the school.

The feeling of being welcomed into the family is made evident by the schools 10 core values, RESPECT, EQUALITY, HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY, SELF DISCIPLINE, TRUSTWORTHINESS, PRESERVATION, CITIZENSHIP, KINDNESS and FAIRNESS.

As we live in a society, no, a world, that is constantly evolving, changing and placing new demands on us, we as a school have had to change our approach to teaching and learning. With the recent challenge that has befallen the world, covid-19, the school has adopted digital classes to ensure that no child is left behind. I am proud to say that the teachers have applied this system excellently, and is constantly training and upgrading their skills to ensure the success of the program.

I have had the privilege of being in Lagos for more 12 years and I can honestly say I have been enriched greatly with the experience of being involved in education in Nigeria.

Together with the staff, it will be my task to ensure that solid, strong and robust educational principles are practiced and that the impact we have upon the children is positive, educational and fun. We must never discount the value of hard work and that the goal is to achieve a level that can be compared to any institution worldwide.

I am certain our journey together will be fantastic and worthwhile, knowing that our combined efforts will result in a successful young lady and gentleman moving to the next phase in their young lives.

To the wonderful children joining us, my prayer is that your time at the school is going to be memorable and that you will be able to take that which we impart upon you to high schools and institutions of higher learning.

God Bless

R Cilliers