Greenwood House School is an independent, friendly, Nursery and Primary School in the highbrow area of Parkview Estate Ikoyi, Lagos. It runs classes from playgroup to primary six and accepts children between the ages of two to 10 years irrespective of their cultural and religious backgrounds.

It is one of the top primary schools in Nigeria with an impressive record of academic successes. Greenwood House School students are consistently top performers in entrance examinations gaining admissions and yearly scholarships without fail into competitive secondary schools within and outside Nigeria.

Message from the Principal

A hearty welcome to Greenwood House School

Welcome to the school ‘…that’s the best of the best…’ as our school song says. With 25 years educational history behind the name, Greenwood House School definitely can stand as a giant in the Nigerian education sector.

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Here’s a great world search to entertain you this week. In the puzzle are the 36 states in Nigeria. What is the first word you see? How many states did you find? Let us know in the comment section.

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Never say never to your dreams,
It could be aspiring to be the best at school, work, sports or even that special passion

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Tech fact
🤔 Did you know that 40% of the world’s population has access to the internet.

5 billion people in the world own a mobile device.

2.65 billion people in the world use social media.

90% of the world’s data was generated within the past two years alone. 😦

Wow!How shocking is that? Technology doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, right?

That’s why we were honored to be a part of this year’s Girls4Tech Connect seminar hosted by Junior Achievement Nigeria (JAN) and facilitated by MasterCard

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World Poetry Day is an event which celebrate the art of poetry and creative writing around the world. It is an opportunity for children to discover poetry and learn about different types of poems.

At Greenwood, we commemorate the day by encouraging students to write poems and share with the class to develop their writing and reading abilities.

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"Dreamt" is the only English word that ends in the letters "mt". You think you know another English word that ends with ‘mt’? Share with us in the comment section.

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Greenwood House school would like to wish all the wonderful moms a happy Mother’s Day. We love you dearly and appreciate you ❤️

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As a parent, how can you help your child develop the study skills they need to achieve academic success—and see benefits beyond the classroom as well? Here’s five tips to get started!

1.Create a designated study space for your students
2.Take effective notes
3.Teach your children to ask for help
4.Have a timetable
5.Avoid distractions

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Your child’s education is the greatest investment for their future. At Greenwood House School, we are committed to providing quality education to transform the lives of tomorrow’s leaders.

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, the girls of primary 6 are joining this year’s #ChoosetoChallenge campaign to speak out about important issues and challenges women are facing today.

We are so proud of them and we hope they keep raising their voices and empowering others to fight for women’s rights everywhere.

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Today, Greenwood House School is celebrating all the women we know and love, who inspire us to keep working hard to achieve our dreams.

Our young girls courageously join #choosetochallenge to lend their voices to accelerate gender parity. From challenge comes change so they chose to challenge

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