Greenwood House School is an independent, friendly, Nursery and Primary School in the highbrow area of Parkview Estate Ikoyi, Lagos. It runs classes from playgroup to primary six and accepts children between the ages of two to 10 years irrespective of their cultural and religious backgrounds.

It is one of the top primary schools in Nigeria with an impressive record of academic successes. Greenwood House School students are consistently top performers in entrance examinations gaining admissions and yearly scholarships without fail into competitive secondary schools within and outside Nigeria.

Message from the Principal

Welcome to the school ‘…that’s the best of the best…’ as our school song says. With 25 years educational history behind the name, Greenwood House School definitely can stand as a giant in the Nigerian education sector.

To all the Parents and Guardians of Greenwood House, thank you for the faith you have placed in us to educate your wards to achieve the successes you expect.

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“I had a lot of people who saw me before I saw myself” – Blessing Okagbere.
Just some Motivation from Olympian, Blessing Okagbere…

Keep striving and listen out to those who especially see what you don’t see, they just might have something worth an Olympics to reveal 😊
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Barka de Sallah to all our Muslim families and staff! We wish you all a blessed day. #EidelKabir #Sallah #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #lagos

Together, we can develop your children into world-class citizens, with core lifelong values of self-discovery, responsibility, creativity, equality, mutual respect, and teamwork. Join the Greenwood House School Family today! Online entrance tests and online interviews ongoing.

Kindly visit our website: or you could call us on
08092862534, 07035253300

On this day, we honor one of Africa’s heroes, a highly inspirational man, who fought for freedom. We remember him and his tenacity to never give up! Happy Nelson Mandela Day to a great leader. #NelsonMandelaDay #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #Lagos

We look forward to welcoming you into our world of limitless opportunities. Give your child the best start to life, with Greenwood House School. Enroll at Greenwood House School today! Online entrance tests and online interviews ongoing.

Kindly visit our website: or you could call us on
08092862534, 07035253300

Despite the pandemic our graduates will still feel special. Greenwood House School Graduation 2020 Loading
Watch this space… 🎓

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Greenwood House School parents have truly been amazing with adapting to the new normal. The past few months our students have been learning virtually and we love the great feedback received from our parents.

Watch this video to hear how one of our parents have been coping during time. #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschoolsinLagos #GHSElearning #virtuallearning

When Diet Is Wrong, Medicine Is Of No Use. When Diet Is Correct, Medicine Is Of No Need.” – Ayurvedic Proverb
Parents, we urge you to ensure healthy eating in children as much as you can. This is essential to keep our immune system strong. Challenge yourselves to have at least one fruit or vegetable a day!

What will you be eating? Remember to stay safe and hygenic!

#staysafe #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschoolsinLagos

June is almost over, and this is the final Monday of the month! However, we at Greenwood House School, want to keep you encouraged and motivated always! #GHSMondayMotivation! #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #lagos

Parents, we want you to remember that you are all in this together! Try as much as you can to check in with other parents to see what they have found effective or to ask if they need help, sharing concerns and useful tips. Remember, the PTA is always available if you need contact information of other parents or resources. It is important that we all work together as a community for the good of our children and families. #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #Primaryschool #Lagos

What's the Greenwood House Experience like? Our current students share what they love most about Greenwood House School and how we've impacted their lives. Need we say more? Don't be left out! Enroll at Greenwood House School today! Online entrance tests and online interviews ongoing.

Call: 08092862534, 07035253300

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We get all sorts of information and tips about COVID-19 preventions. However, this is one tip we must share. Please ensure to follow through with these as much as possible. Safety is key! #staysafe #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #lagos

It's Monday, you know what that means, time for another #GHSMondayMotivation! Have a great week! #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #lagos

Today is a very significant day in the US, one which we at Greenwood House School have to shed light on. It is Juneteenth (June 19th), World commemoration day for end of slavery. This day marks the culmination of slavery, where African Americans were free. We all want a world where everyone can feel free and is not discriminated due to the color of their skin. We urge you to enjoy your freedom and be grateful for everyday! #Juneteenth  #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #lagos

We hope you all had a great weekend and are ready for the week ahead… because we are! Let's strive to keep ourselves educated as much as we can! #GreenwoodHouseSchoolIkoyi #ghsmondaymotivation #Bestprimaryschoolinikoyi #primaryschool #lagos

Today is a very special day for us in Nigeria. It is Democracy Day! A day we were freed from military rule. We remember those who fought for us to give us the freedom of voice as Nigerian citizens. Happy Democracy Day! #June12th #DemocracyDay #greenwoodhouseschoolikoyi #primaryschool #Lagos