Greenwood House School is an independent, friendly, Nursery and Primary School in the highbrow area of Parkview Estate Ikoyi, Lagos. It runs classes from playgroup to primary six and accepts children between the ages of two to 10 years irrespective of their cultural and religious backgrounds.

It is one of the top primary schools in Nigeria with an impressive record of academic successes. Greenwood House School students are consistently top performers in entrance examinations gaining admissions and yearly scholarships without fail into competitive secondary schools within and outside Nigeria.

Message from the Principal

A hearty welcome to Greenwood House School

Welcome to the school ‘…that’s the best of the best…’ as our school song says. With 25 years educational history behind the name, Greenwood House School definitely can stand as a giant in the Nigerian education sector.

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Happy New Year, Happy new month and cheers to a new beginning.

We wish you the best of 2021.

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What does this mean to you? Let us know.

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The word “Christmas” signifies the annual Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. Christmas is a shortened form of "Christ's mass" and popularly abbreviated as “Xmas”.

In the spirit of Christmas, we look forward to celebrating the glorious season with you.

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There is a popular saying that reads, “If you fail to plan; you plan to fail”. This is something we strongly believe in. Today’s #MondayMotivation is a reminder for you all to plan and enable yourself to achieve what you have set out to achieve.

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Banana which offers essential nutrient for the body, is not only tasty but also has a variety of health benefits, which includes:
-High level of potassium which is beneficial for the heart
-Improves our digestive health
-Contains several vitamins which keeps us health

You should have one today.

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How well do you know the solar system?
Can you name all the nine planets in a minute, without any help?

Let us know how long it took you to name all the planets!
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What about the UPE programme of 1976 you may ask?
Well, here is some historical facts for you!
In 1976, Nigeria passed a law-making education compulsory for all children between the ages of 6 and 12. By 1980, approximately 98 percent (15,607,505 students) of this age group were enrolled in primary school, up from 37 percent in 1970.

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No matter how many times you fall, rise and try again. As long as you keep showing up, there is a possibility of success.

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As the week rounds up, we have a trivia question we would love you to try!

What do you think it is?!… no cheating.

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At Greenwood House School, we ensure to hone the skills of all our students! We believe every child is different and we love to expose our children to different activities and watch them flourish, grow and have fun.

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In this new month, let us all strive for excellence in all we do and step into the new week with greater ambition and prospects. Here is a #GHSMondayMotivation to keep you going.

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It most certainly has not been an easy year! 2020 has presented all sorts of challenges, however we at Greenwood House School believe strongly in the spirit of perseverance! Being persistent despite any difficulty or delay.

This is something our students embody, with their drive and spirit to never give up!

What does it mean to you?

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Today is our opportunity to shape our tomorrow. Make the most of the day to set the tone for the next week!

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All of us at Greenwood House school celebrate this special day with our Muslim families and friends. May today's commemoration bring to you and yours great tidings.

Happy Eid El-Maulud!

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At Greenwood House School, we take hygiene seriously, that is why we make sure students are reminded to mask up and wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.
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The fear of what lies beyond may cripple us into believing we cannot achieve more. It’s time to break boundaries this new week and stretch beyond the limits. Be the first to move and set the ball rolling.

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Greenwood House School sympathizes with Nigerians on the current situation.

Our prayers are with all citizens currently affected due to the unrest.

We would continue to strive for a better Nigeria

#Endpolicebrutality #GreenwoodhouseschoolIkoyi