General Information

The year consists of 3 terms of 10-14 weeks. A week is Monday to Friday.
School hours of attendance:

Pre-school opens = 8am – 1pm
Nursery opens =8am – 2pm
Primary opens = 8am – 3pm

All statutory and gazetted public holidays are also school holidays.

TRANSPORT – School Bus
In January 2006 the School began operating a School bus service. The bus picks up at  Aja and  VGC car parks at 6:30am and Lekki gate 2 between 7:00 and 7:15am This service runs in the mornings and afternoons after school. The location cuts across VGC, Lekki, Ajah, Oniru and Ikoyi

Parents are primarily responsible for their children’s transport and required to ensure that their children arrive and leave school punctually.

The principal may suspend any child guilty of behaviour prejudicial to the smooth learning of the school for a period of 2-3 days. Cases of gross misbehaviour may lead to expulsion.

Parents are expected to provide mid-morning snacks and drinks for children. The school operates within a clear and spotless environment. There is a sickbay which is overseen by a registered nurse and which has basic first aid facilities.

Children who are ill should be kept at home. Any child suffering from any contagious illness or infectious skin disease shortly before admission must provide a medical clearance certificate before he/she will be permitted to attend School.

Medicine may be given to children if necessary. Medicine is to be handed to a member of staff and instructions written boldly.

It is now compulsory for all children attending this School to pay the sum of N2500 per annum for health insurance. We are now partnering with Tocaro Medical Services. They man our sickbay and provide full treatment for all children ill or wounded on the premises.

They have a very efficient ambulance service and the amount covers consultation, treatment, drugs and 1 overnight stay at their hospital. Parents of course, will be informed once their child needs treatment.

Free yearly eye and dental checks are carried out on all children by qualified and registered Opticians and Dentists. Follow ups are however at the parent’s Expense independent from the school.

Sports are conducted mainly during school hours. All pupils in the school have regular physical education lessons.

The children are divided into 4 main houses for the purpose of sporting. Activities are highlighted by the inter-house sports day which occurs once every year. The houses are RUBY[red], SAPPHIRE[blue], EMERALD[green] and TOPAZ[yellow].

Children are allowed to come to school in mufti on their birthdays. A birthday cake and individual party snacks and drinks are permissible. We also allow moderate party packs. Glass bottles are not allowed.

Homework is essential if the term’s syllabus is to be adequately covered. After the first week children are given homework to prepare each day and parents/guardians are expected to ensure that homework is done. Please sign your child/children’s homework book daily.

Right from the playgroup children are exposed to various instruments such as tambourines, drums, maracas, and triangles. As they advance through the school, they specialize in a musical instrument such as recorder, piano, violin, viola, trombone and guitar.

The school boasts of an excellent choir that has excelled in many local competitions. For instance the school won the MUSON SCHOOLS MUSIC COMPETITION in 1996, 1997 and 1998.


Interest in the arts is fostered at an early age. Pupils throughout the school are exposed to all forms of art, design and handicraft and are actively encouraged to participate in organized entertainment such as the school plays.

The staff monitor and access each child’s development daily through classwork and homework and weekly is now slated on different days.

Parents are welcome to come in to discuss their child’s progress.

We also have a strong commitment to parental involvement. Open days and evenings are held from time to time.