TEA PARTY: Our children will agree that they had an exciting time at our tea parties this term. The theme for the tea party for the Nursery 1 – Primary 2 children was “The Tiger Who Came to Tea”, and it was held on Wednesday the 9th of May. The children were taught proper dining etiquette and how to make their own beverage. The children learnt that no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes. There was a story time session, a poetry recital, and lots of fun and engaging games with music and lots of candy.

The theme for the upper primary children was “Royal Tea and Treatery with the Queen”, and it was held on Friday the 8th of June. The children were briefed on the history of tea, the health benefits of drinking tea and the different tea cultures in different countries. We also examined the different varieties of tea and additives that develop a more exciting taste for their seemingly “boring cup of tea”. The children learnt that tea originated in Southwest China, and our queen informed the children that all teas (except herbal teas) are made from the same plant: Camellia Sinensis. The Queen! Her royal majesty for the day, Mrs. Bakreen, conducted a taste test for the adults. It was indeed an exciting and colourful event with the red carpet, good music, tasty pastries and our spectaculary dressed children.