Greenwood House School have taken the concept of childcare services to the next level. Greenwood House Crèche is where you want children to be! Located in the serene part of Parkview Estate, Ikoyi, Lagos, Greenwood House Crèche was established entirely as a child care, educational and development centre for toddlers between the age of 0 and 2. The greatest news for parents is that it offer services from 6am to 6pm daily with extended hours if required

The Greenwood House Crèche is what you get when you think of an ideal crèche. Apart from its great location, the crèche operates in a warm and stimulating environment with clearly established principles and policies. The crèche also has a structured curriculum where all activities are customized for the age group and includes plenty of time for physical activities, quiet time, individual and group activities such as story sessions, meals, resting and nap time.

Let’s also talk about the team of qualified, dedicated and professional staff members and caregivers. They understand all the factors necessary for a child’s growth, such as sleep, feeding, hygiene and appropriate attention with a child to staff ratio of 3:1.

Lastly, it cannot be overstated that the Greenwood House Crèche has tasked itself with providing a safe and healthy environment for children. The crèche is constantly taking steps to ensure the utmost safety of every child as they work towards the prevention of dangerous situations. Parents need not worry about issues concerning security, health, play toys and equipments and staff hygiene as these elements are highly prioritized at the Greenwood House Crèche.

The Greenwood House Crèche definitely feeds us the idea of an appropriate childcare center for kids. It is fantastic that such a center exists to contribute to the effective growth and development of children in Nigeria at large.