Please choose the extra activity you wish to register your child. Note that once you choose, there will be no refunds or transfer to other activities during the term.

INDIVIDUAL INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC:  N65, 000.00 for 10 half hour sessions in Music room (piano, recorder, violin guitar & drum).

TAEKWONDO:  Mondays (Nursery classes) – 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m and Tuesdays (Primary classes) – 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m. Cost is N12,000 per term. Uniform costs N7,000.00

BOYS SCOUT: N6,000.00 per term. Fridays 2:15p.m – 3:15p.m (Primary 1 and upwards) Uniform – N6,000.00

RED CROSS : Friday afternoons (2:15p.m – 3:15p.m ).  Cost is N=4,000.00 per term. Uniform – N4,000

SWIMMING:   Tuesdays or Thursdays. Two sessions 2:00p.m – 3:00p.m (Nursery section) or 3.00p.m – 4.00p.m (Primary section). Cost is N10,000.00 per term.

CHESS:  N10, 000.00 per term. Wednesdays 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m in the Art room

RUGBY CLUB: N=12,000.00 per term. Thursdays (Primary section) 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m. Accessories – N5,000.00

FOOTBALL: Fridays 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m (Primary 4 – 6) and Saturday mornings at school 10:00a.m – 12noon (Nursery 2– Primary 3). Cost is N10,000.00 per term.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE: Wednesdays 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m and Saturdays 10:00a.m – 12noon at the school premises.  Cost is N10,000.00

STEAM  CLUB: (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Crafts and Mathematics) *NEW*:   N15,000 per term Tuesdays 3:00p.m – 4:00pm at the school.

 GYMNASTICS: Thursdays 3:00p.m – 4:00pm (Nursery 2 and upwards). Cost is N12,000.00 per term. Leotards or gymnastic uniforms which are optional (cost – N4,000).

 BALLET: Mondays: afternoon two sessions in Nursery 1 Minnie. 2:00p.m – 3:00p.m (Nursery section) and 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m (Primary section). Cost is N10,000.00 per term.

LANGUAGE CLUB: Mondays 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m at the school. N10,000.00 per term. The languages are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

 TENNIS:  N10,000.00 per term.Wednesdays 3:00p.m -4:00p.m at  the school premises.

ARTS & CRAFTS: N10,000.00 per term. Fridays 2:15p.m – 3:15p.m  in the   Art room.

KKB DRAMA CLUB: N12,000.00 per term.Tuesdays 3:00p.m – 4:00p.m